About Us

Welcome to Frank's Weiler's Deli

Weiler's Deli restaurant was established in 1967 and acquired by Frank in 1983. It was an Ambitious beginning for Frank, not being so familiar with the Deli business, but his motto is to never give up. He spent countless hours learning every aspect of the business to perfection, and for three years he worked seven days a week, fourteen hours a day until he mastered the business. He takes pride in that Weiler's is a family run establishment, with fresh ingredients in all our food, and finding ways to blend our old fashioned restaurant with the modern ways.

It is extremely valuable to us to keep Weiler's family run because we want our business to feel like one. When you walk in those doors we want you to forget about all the headaches and problems you experience on a daily basis, and let loose in our restaurant. Most of our friendly yet attentive staff has been working for us for over twenty years and built a great relationship with most of our loyal customers, and we would like to invite the newbies to be part of this wonderful experience.


Our fresh ingredients and great taste is why our customers enjoy our food so much. We prepare everything from scratch, and everything is made daily from our soups, to the meats, and even our desserts. This is to ensure that we really care about our customer’s health, well-being, and want to give you the best quality food available. Another thing we take into consideration is what you like. To keep everyone happy, we try our best to incorporate different types of food into our deli. For example, we serve delicious Chicken Kabobs, which are on specials most days for people who don’t feel like eating the norm at a deli. We have also recently added stir fry dishes as well to keep our customers leaving with a happy stomach. Please help our staff know if there are any other types of food we can make, and we will try our best to do so! Thank you so much in taking the time to read, and getting to know a little more about Weiler's Deli. Please keep in mind that every Weiler's is individually owned and operated.